Fanny Wang | 2000 OVER-EAR SERIES
Fanny Wang 3000 ANC Select your 3000 ANC color

From the studio to the club

Dj Series. Premium powered sound with selectable bass boost.

4 way Active Noise Cancelling

Luxury powered sound

Powered Amp + 50mm dual plated drivers deliver the cleanest sound reproduction in its class.

Let a friend share the experience

Don't let the music stop - Passthrough circuitry allows you to keep playing your music without battery power

Share what you're listening to - Duo-Jack technology makes it easy for your friends to plug in and share your audio

Don't overstuff your bag pack - Hardshell case with aluminum carabiner designed for travelers and people on the go

You'll be glad you're flying with Fanny Wang
Bass when you want it

Bass when you want it

Our Bass boost switch offers 6dB of rich, bone-shaking bass, to compliment anything from urban hip hop to light rock. Our premium sound is achieved through crucial components working together to deliver the cleanest sound reproduction in its class. We are the only headphones to offer the following combination within our selectable bass boost model: 50mm drivers, magnetically shielded cables and circuity.

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